About Infratech Groep B.V.


Infratech Groep B.V. has developed into a world-class company in its field since 1997. With expertise in engineering and a vast knowledge in its product market and services, Infratech is able to provide solutions, which includes concentrating on technical objectives, for all types of projects, and can ensure that the price/performance ratio is decisive, of high quality and feasible.


Customer-based approach

All our enthusiastic employees have many years of knowledge and experience and are able to work seamlessly together with our clients to provide expert advice. Designing quotations that best fits our customers’ needs and guaranteeing a reliable and business-efficient installationis what we do best.


We provide you with the solution!

As tele/data communication and security steeds meer met elkaar verweven zijn, speelt Infratech in op de vraag om al deze projecten tezamen in één keer bij haar klanten te verwezenlijken. Of u nu gebruik wilt maken van internetdiensten, zoals een telefooncentrale in de Cloud, beveiliging van uw bedrijfspand, de inrichting van datacommunicatieruimten of softwarematige oplossingen. Ook voor niet-standaard geleverde diensten of producten kunt u bij ons terecht. 



Infratech is a reputable organization and is certified by industry association and suppliers. This can be proved by many national and international customers who freely express their satisfaction with the products and services that Infratech provides. Clients can be assured that service and project management will be carried out at a highest level of service, with high quality products and at a standard of reliability.

Infratech Groep B.V. has been pro-active in the field of service and maintenance on products and systems within the business market since 1997.  


Service and maintenance

The importance of maintenance on your products and systems cannot be emphasized enough. After all, preventive and corrective maintenance determine the proper functioning, the continuity of your company, and extend the life of your products and systems.


For maintenance of various systems, Infratech can provide service, maintenance and management subscriptions with guaranteed response times which is referred to as a Service Agreement. This Service Agreement can include corrective and/or preventive maintenance (to prevent faults) and full coverage of hours and materials in case of calamities. Infratech has various types of Service Agreements with associated standard rates. This means clarity and no unpleasant surprises afterwards.



Infratech can create customized Service Agreements to suit your needs. Software mutations can be part of the Service Agreement. 


Service network

Infratech beschikt over een nationaal en internationaal dekkend servicenetwerk. Onze servicetechnici zijn u 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week graag van dienst. You can use Infratech’s expertise to realise partial solutions; temporary solutions; management activities via our remote-based services; or to support your organization.


More information

For more information about these or other services, please contact us on +31(0)229-215543 or via e-mail ( 

Service forms

When designing the most relevant Service Agreement for you, the following principles are used:  


Preventive maintenance

Infratech tests the technical functioning of the circuits and takes corrective action, when necessary. Infratech creates a software backup of the latest changes which is to ensure that in case of a power failure, your most recent configuration can be uploaded quickly.  


Warranty on response time

As part of the maintenance section of the Service Agreement, Infratech guarantees, for example, a response time of within 8 business hours to provide a temporary solution in the event of a failure. 


Remote service

Infratech provides the ability to have your system remotely controlled via a modem or internet connection. This offers the possibility of receiving a diagnosis of a potential failure “at a distance”. There are at least two advantages to this; first being that in case of a software error, immediate corrective intervention can be performed and resolved without an engineer even having to attend site. The second allows you to leave the system management to Infratech while your system administrator is on holiday or is off work.  


Risk coverage on material

Repairing parts is a costly business and comes unexpectedly. That is why risk coverage of material is an important part of the Service Agreement. You avoid unforeseen costs and stay within your budget.  


Risk coverage on work and driving

In addition to material costs, the hours spent working and travelling largely determine the overall costs. Eliminating faults and providing the necessary corrections is a specialized, labour-intensive business. With cover on labour and driving, this keep costs manageable.