Power Solutions

Power Solutions


Since 2001, Infratech Power Solutions is the distributor and installation company for Eltek Energy DC products, in the telecom and industrial sector. Infratech Power Solutions knows how critical the installation process can be. When Infratech Power Solutions performs an installation, your new products will be thoroughly inspected and tested before they are delivered to your location. This ensures that all issues, such as logistical damage, defects in a component or product defects, are resolved before our installation team arrives at your location.


Our technicians have been certified and are experienced in DC systems for more than 16 years!

Infratech Power Solutions offers comprehensive measurement and design services, such as providing, inspecting, installing and testing DC equipment from many manufacturers. Infratech Power Solutions is an authorised distributor of multiple manufacturer products in the field of high-voltage lines for rectifiers, batteries, converters, DC-DC remote converters and distribution panels.


Infratech Power Solutions is the whole package when it comes to complete DC systems. Infratech Power Solutions can provide all pre-installation CAD layout drawings to avoid unexpected conflicts in the actual installation as well as "As Built" drawings to determine which components are installed and how the equipment can be expanded in the future.

Shorter delivery times due to engineering knowledge

Delivering a total DC system depends on a number of factors, such as the components required on location. Infratech Power Solutions has many important components in stock, such as rectifiers, monitor / control units, distribution panels and cabinets, therefore are able to create and assemble a total DC system within its own engineering department, quickly and carefully, guaranteeing a short delivery time.

Service on location
Customers with a service agreement have the security of a 24/7 service department. Whether it's a simple malfunction or dropping a DC system due to fire, Infratech Power Solutions is able to provide a temporary solution if there is only a short interruption of the DC voltage on location. Infratech Power Solutions can quickly and efficiently provide permanent solutions or replace DC systems when necessary. The maximum system replacement is from 2kW to 96kW (2000Amps).


Infratech Power Solutions also offers the ability to monitor your DC systems and advise how much you can connect to your DC system and the correct distribution panels and connection cables that are required.


If you have multiple DC systems in your location, but you do not have the expertise to know which systems can be expanded, Infratech Power Solutions can take care of this and provide you with information to connect your network equipment in a responsible manner. We can offer remote assistance in connecting the DC cabling yourself or we can send an installer to ensure that the connection is done in a responsible manner.


You can sign up for a service maintenance contract with us to manage and maintain your DC equipment, providing a list of all equipment and state the capacity of your DC systems.


During potential failures, we are able to provide the necessary repairs or deliver a customized emergency response of rectifiers for DC systems. We are able to repair a diverse range of brands from manufacturers that provide rectifiers. Please enquire about our comprehensive repair options.