Provider Solutions

Provider Solutions

Telecom Provider Solutions

In 2001, Infratech started building more than 100 PoP locations (Point of Presence), for the telecom company MCI, now Verizon, in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. These PoP locations were often placed as closed spaces in existing office buildings or in a part of the garage built for telecommunication purposes. We are still doing this today but with improved techniques and insights.


In addition to building telecom spaces in buildings, we also provide aluminium and concrete street cabinets, as well as accessible houses from 10m² to 60m². The applications in and around the enclosures also belong to our area of work.


Through our maintenance and support department within Infratech, IP NOC (Network Operations Centre), we aim to keep the housing and the existing equipment at a high-quality level and can remotely manage your access control and the facility systems of the enclosures. From design to engineering and maintenance, we will provide you with the solution.

Concrete houses FTTH

Infratech supplies and places on locations, at home and abroad, concrete enterprising homes for telecom companies and private entrepreneurs. We are a large player in the field of FTTH (Fibre to the Home). We provide the delivery and installation of concrete houses for fibreglass infrastructure, the open frames, as well as the security and monitoring systems for these concrete buildings and street cabinets. We ensure a complete delivery of all services around the supply chain of concrete houses so that our customers can focus on their own business affairs.

Concrete street cabinets

In addition to supplying accessible homes (from 15m²) for telecom companies and private entrepreneurs, we also provide the delivery and installation of concrete street cabinets. The street cabinets can be supplied with a 230V group box or PDU for the distribution of the 230V supply with the ability for a "free-cooling system" installed.


The cabinets can be supplied with various open frames for active and passive network equipment. The open frames can come with separate compartments for different providers. Each compartment can be opened and closed by means of an electronic lock that is connected to our i-Box security and monitoring system. This solution offers the ability to only allow user access to the rented compartment.

(Double-walled) aluminium street cabinets

For more than 16 years we have been supplying and installing (double-walled) aluminium street cabinets from Almatec. Many telecom companies use these cabinets for different applications. The aluminium street cabinets are ideal for small and high heat loads, up to 4kW. The advantages of this street cabinet are the short delivery time and the simple installation by means of a stainless-steel plinth. Depending on the ground conditions, the stainless-steel plinth is placed on concrete tiles or a gravel bed.


For more information, please visit the website of Almatec.

Open frames

In addition to delivering enclosures in all sizes and applications, we can supply open aluminium frames (ETSI and 19 "profiles) in PoP locations as well as in street cabinets. Both ODF frames for fibre optic distribution and EQF frames for active network equipment. The frames are available in various depths and dimensions and the option for closed frames with ventilated or closed doors.


For more information, please visit the website of Almatec.


Infratech has its own assembly department and along with their knowledgeable employees, are able to coordinate all activities and take over a telecom company so that it can focus on its core business.



In addition to assembling and composing the data-telecom cabinets for telecom companies, Infratech will also provide the installation and project management at the location of their customers. Keeping everything in one hand makes it possible to save costs and shorten delivery times. If a solution is not available, then we will create this within our assembly department. For a temporary solution, you can contact us for customers in the Netherlands and abroad.


Maintenance is an important part to all systems and locations that have been installed at different sites. The type of maintenance can be dependent on the location and the conditions of the site. Hereby we take into account the requirements and regulations of the customer and the manufacturer. By performing regular preventative maintenance on these systems, the life span can be extended and the chance of a malfunction can be reduced.


Infratech also provides corrective maintenance, or repair/replacement of equipment in case of malfunctions or defects. Our engineers are able to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.