Trust in security

We are a certified organization that provides you with multiple solutions in security systems, camera and recording systems, extinguishers and fire detection systems, services and much more. We are affiliated with the VEB (Association of European Security Companies) and the CCV (Centre for Crime Prevention and Security). As a customer, you can obtain a certificate for your security installation through Infratech Security. This is not mandatory, but your insurance company may demand this certificate if they think the risk is too high. Certifying your installation will bring adjustments and obligations regarding maintenance. Issuing a certificate is determined by the value of the item to be insured.


More than installation

Infratech Security does more than the installation. We have the expertise to assist you with advice, design, risk assessment, maintenance and service. Quality, safety, environmental and customer-orientated thinking, good accessibility and 24/7 service are our key priorities.

Access Control
Would you like to have full control over the access of your business space, department or the entire property? Infratech Security offers the solution for any entrance, no matter the space. The extensive experience and knowledge of Infratech Security ensures you that a customised solution is always possible. Our expertise in access control systems has resulted that many customers in our region and beyond are using our technical support. Therefore, we have made the choice to work with market leading renowned manufacturers to ensure a high degree of security.


Infratech Security is a certified security company and has worked for many years with security systems. With the change in economy, the need for electronic burglar alarm systems within premises is increasing. The Guard Centre (Named in the Netherlands PAC) will be notified of an attempted break-in/burglary, which they will despatch the local police and/or a Guard Services company as soon as possible. There is also the availability to have a notification sent to your mobile phone.


Infratech Security selects the best burglar alarms with the best detection equipment specially tailored to your situation and delivers a certified installation report to your insurance company, if requested. In addition to a well-functioning electronic burglar alarm system, it is also important that the construction measures meet the security requirements. Locks, hinges and closing equipment is the most important measure. Properly assembled products of the right quality can severely delay an intruder or even refrain from the burglary taking place. Infratech Security employs specialists that will analyse your specific personal situation and provide advice and installation of the correct locks and other physical security measures that are classified at the highest security standards.

Fire detection systems are of vital importance within the day-to-day operating of any business. Reliable fire detection systems provide a sense of security and provide protection at the right time. In order to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of a fire detection system, the choice of the correct system is essential. Indeed, many factors determine the final arrangement of the fire detection system in a building. Infratech Security has been a reliable partner, a full security and safety advisor, and a leading provider of fire detection systems for many years.

Escape route
In case of fire, it is important that your property will be evacuated as quickly and safely as possible. A notification of evacuation for the person(s) present must be given immediately and the escape route must be clearly identified by means of emergency light fittings above doors in your premises.


Infratech Security is the partner to provide you a solution for detecting and extinguishing smoke or fire in data/server or electronic cabinets or even in small and large computer rooms. We are the certified installer in the BeNeLux of FireTecPro. For more information, visit


When it comes to a good security system, cameras are a must whether they are inside or outside. You can easily and effectively monitor your property and staff which helps provide a sense of security for both yourself and your staff. Various studies show that vandalism and burglaries are diminishing by the presence of cameras. There are several ways of storing camera images and there are various types of cameras available that we can install in such a way that sabotage is complicated. With the years of experience with camera systems, Infratech Security can provide you with an excellent customized system tailored to your specific needs.


Camera license plate recognition

Infratech Security delivers and installs IP-based automatic license plate recognition camera and software solutions that results in maximum control and safety for vehicles. Burglars are less likely to break into your properties if you use site monitoring. It is more effective to notice and stop them before they can enter your property. Infratech Security has comprehensive solutions to monitor your properties. We can provide fences and barriers on which detection systems can be applied, as well as offer security camera systems that can cover large areas, with the option to include excellent night vision. For the capture and processing of the camera images, we have excellent DVR / NVR systems and software.

C-Cure Software House

Since 1998, Infratech Security has a close relationship with Software House, an American leading company in Access Control Management systems under the name C-Cure. The systems are only supplied by Certified System Integrators. C-Cure Access Control Management systems distinguish themselves from all other Access Control Management systems and are up to date in terms of access management and third-party integration.


The systems of C-Cure are scalable and flexible with the growth of your organization.

The C-Cure Access Control Management systems are used by the top 500 companies in the world. With the years of experience that Infratech Security has with Software House along with their products and solutions, there is no doubt why it now delivers to many large companies throughout Europe and beyond.