Telecommunications is a field that is always changing and improving due to the importance of effective communication. Accessibility and integration with computer networks are an essential part of business management, inside and outside of every company. Infratech integrates voice, image and data communication and promotes productivity within companies.


The developments in VoIP (Voice over IP) have made it become well-known technology. Cost-effective calling via its own infrastructure is no longer an abstract phenomenon, but is increasingly becoming part of communication technology.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Through our own communications platform, Infra VOIP, Infratech is able to maintain the use of the latest technological developments and has the ability to provide the appropriate communication solution between your employees and your customers. Infratech is more than willing to advise and guide you in choosing the best and most affordable communication connection.


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Infratech specialises in providing and maintaining different communication technologies. These communication techniques are often based on IP transmissions, where it could be fixed connections via fixed cabling or wireless connections through to communicating within the company and beyond.